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 Can't Log in

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PostSubject: Can't Log in   07/03/09, 05:17 pm

I'm *NEW* and I just finished downloading everything but when I try to log into the game ... I get this error. How can I fix this ??

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PostSubject: Re: Can't Log in   12/03/09, 07:59 am

different version of maple
please redownload ur maple
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PostSubject: Here...   16/03/09, 01:47 am

Ok... the folder with all the maplestory stuff in it now, i want you to delete it all!
Then go to this site : Download it and there it all is, put that in your maplestory or w.e folder you wana put it in.
Then download the blehms client and put, the blehms client in the maplestory folder.
Easy enough right?
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PostSubject: Re: Can't Log in   

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Can't Log in
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