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 Allow damage cap trainer~

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Allow damage cap trainer~ Empty
PostSubject: Allow damage cap trainer~   Allow damage cap trainer~ I_icon_minitime09/02/09, 12:02 am

Hi guys, just writing to suggest that while you're figuring out a way to pass the damage cap, you should allow us to use a damage cap trainer.

Here are some reasons why: All other servers offer some form of damage cap trainers/breakers and provide these trainers which have no other offensive hacks in them, they simply break the damage cap, allowing them to maintain careful watch on real hackers. Secondly, I would surmise that most of the people who come to try BlehMS and realize that using a damage cap trainer is against the rules get fed up and leave to join a server that allows them to do decent damage and not take so much time killing bosses. I know this because I've asked 3 friends to join and after they've seen that we cannot pass the damage cap they have left.

So as a way of maintaining our population and attracting new players I feel that damage cap trainers should absolutely be allowed since all the other features of the server are very attractive and it would be a shame to lose players over something that can be fixed so easily.

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Allow damage cap trainer~
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