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 Donator Section??

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Donator Section?? Empty
PostSubject: Donator Section??   Donator Section?? I_icon_minitime30/01/09, 04:15 am

Not that its really needed, but possibly when the server is more developed, add a damage cap removal for donators or able to buy like 100 AP stat points for $1.00 USD(or whatever currency you wish to use) or something like that. Just a thought. Or maybe being able to buy gift NX points, not with real money but a separate jumping quest.

-Anthony V

Also, being able to delete your characters without having the client close out on you, then reopening just to see that it did get deleted.

The only way I can think of how transactions can be made is by using paypal, then during the time of donation, we write in the little box, our login ID and character name, and any other info if needed. but this window only occurs when doing a custom money transfer to a person's paypal email ID. Also going back ingame or via email and notifying the main game master that we have sent a donation.
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Donator Section??
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