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 Uplift Ban Appeal

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Uplift Ban Appeal Empty
PostSubject: Uplift Ban Appeal   Uplift Ban Appeal I_icon_minitime18/11/08, 11:25 am

If your account has been banned, and you would like to appeal, please post your appeal here.

However if there's sufficient proof that you were hacking in this server your appeal would not be entertained.

SS-es will be provided by GMs as we do not ban players unnecessarily. However if you feel that there was a mistake done, you're most welcome to appeal here and justify yourself.

GMs will meet and discuss about this, and it will not be solely base on my decision.

If you wish to be given a 2nd chance, please also justify yourself here. Please bear in mind i will not tolerate any 3rd chances.

Thank you.
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Uplift Ban Appeal
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